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В Consumer Reports провели собственные тесты прочности iPhone 6 и #iPhone 6 Plus

После появления сообщений о деформации смартфона iPhone 6 Plus при его ношении в кармане брюк специалисты Consumer Reports устроили собственный тест прочности новинок от Apple.

Для оценки прочности смартфонов применялся тест на изгиб по трем точкам. При этом смартфон устанавливался краями на опоры, а к его верхней части прикладывалась сила. Тест начался с прикладывания силы в 10 фунтов (около 4,5 кг) сроком на 30 секунд, после чего воздействие прекращалось. Затем при каждом следующем подходе прикладываемая сила увеличивалась с шагом 10 фунтов. Таким образом, выявлялись моменты начала деформации корпуса и его разделения (отделения дисплея от корпуса).

Помимо новых смартфонов Apple iPhone 6 и iPhone 6 Plus в тесте также принимали участие устройства LG G3, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, HTC One (M8) и Apple iPhone 5. Для тестирования использовался лишь один экземпляр каждой модели. Результаты замеров приведены в таблице.

Таким образом, смартфоны #Apple iPhone 6 и iPhone 6 Plus оказались не самыми хрупкими среди протестированных устройств, хотя их деформация проявляется раньше, чем у ряда конкурирующих моделей. Кроме того, старая модель iPhone 5 является значительно более прочной, чем новые решения Apple. Новинки не только деформируются, но и разрушаются, при меньшем воздействии, чем выдерживает iPhone 5 до начала деформации.2285897436 2285897440


Mercedes-Benz working on aftermarket CarPlay installations for older vehicles


here have been a lot of mixed reviews of Apple’s CarPlay, a new feature that brings iOS into the car by displaying a customized interface for core iOS apps on in-car displays of select vehicles. A couple of the the common complaints you’ll be hearing about CarPlay: Its implementation varies from vehicle to vehicle as car makers use different touchscreen technology and varying approaches to meld CarPlay with their own in-car systems. Another problem is that it’s so far only coming to a few new vehicles by the end of this year including a pricey new FF from Ferrari, a new C-Class from Mercedes-Benz, and the XC90 SUV from Volvo. That certainly didn’t make owners of last year’s C-Class model happy, but the good news is we’ve confirmed that at least some car makers are planning to offer aftermarket installations for older vehicles.



We’ve confirmed that at least Mercedes-Benz is looking into aftermarket installations of CarPlay that will allow older models of vehicles to access the feature. While the company confirmed that it is trying to get an “an after-market solution for previous cars” it couldn’t confirm when the option might become available. While there is no info yet on how the aftermarket installation would work, we’d imagine it will be a dealer installed accessory for select older models like Honda and others already offer for Apple’s Siri Eyes Free feature.

This week was the first time car manufacturers—MercedesVolvo, and Ferrari to kick things off— showed the feature actually up and running in new vehicles and announced availability for later this year. Apple also confirmed in its announcement earlier this week that it’s also working with other car companies, including, BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota, but didn’t provide specific timeframe for announcements from those companies.

We reached out to Volvo and Ferrari about aftermarket installations but haven’t heard back yet.

I’d imagine it won’t be long before we also start seeing some DIY implementations using an iPad.

Apple Store app featuring new, free music from iTunes

Apple is back to giving away free music through an iTunes promotion within its Apple Store app for U.S. customers. The new giveaway highlights three artists with “new tracks helping to define this year’s musical landscape.” Specifically, the app features tracks from Master Blaster Sound System, Bad Suns, and Kris Bowers. It’s worth checking out if you’re into discovering new music, but Amazon has some more traditional artists like George Strait, The Beach Boys, and Dean Martin in its Icon Series music giveaway over at 9to5Toys. Check below for how to grab the free tracks from iTunes.



While Apple did release a dedicated Apple Store app for iPad last November, it has yet to include any promotion or giveaway within that app. You will want to be sure you’re using the standard Apple Store app for iPhone(and yes, you can run it on iPad to redeem the promotional content).

The first view of the app features a list view of categories and featured sections, and U.S. customers should find Apple’s free music promotion toward the bottom of the list. Redeeming the tracks provides you with an offer code and sends you over to iTunes on your iOS device, and the tracks will then download for your consumption.

Platform Updates: Batching Calls, Privacy Settings, and IDs

Platform Updates: Batching Calls, Privacy Settings, and IDs.

evasi0n — or how to milk a community for money

evasi0n — or how to milk a community for money.

If you do not take care of their customers, they will take care of your competitors

Top 5 Tweaks, what are yours? #evasi0n

Top 5 Tweaks, what are yours? #evasi0n.

Name and Shame #FakeJailbreak

Name and Shame #FakeJailbreak.

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