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Dream JB nothing more than a hoax


So, after a long and controversial day, it’s official folks: the “Dream jailbreak” is nothing more than a fake. We first heard and reported about the jailbreak rumor yesterday, and although we were all hopeful, it was simply too good to be true. While many prominent hackers of our community quickly called out the man behind the DreamJB, many of our readers insisted that it could actually be real. Sadly, it’s not.

Frankly, I have no idea what someone would gain by doing this. The so-called developer did manage to pull over 20,000 followers on Twitter, but I fail to see how this would benefit him. Considering the fact that the entire jailbreak community now knows that this is a hoax, I’m not sure what a twitter account with some followers can get you.

Nonetheless, the man behind DreamJB has admitted that this was all a social experiment and just a RickRoll…


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  1. This was a busy night

    • yes absolutely true

  2. Thoughts with premature sense — speculation..))))

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